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Show your own Unabbreviated Subscriber Counts on NextCounts - Guide

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You probably heard the news, and yes, it is true: we are working on getting Full Subscriber Counts available for everyone again, but we can't do this alone.

Let's start

Back in 2021 we started working on getting Subscriber Counts directly from the streams of members of the Statistics community (and a few insiders), but at the time, the code we were using was very slow due to some factors, so it would update the subscriber count every minute or so. But it's been more than a year since that test, so we rewrote everything from the ground up and we got a working system, that updates every few seconds!

This was, really, one of the biggest accomplishments NextCounts has made, at least in my opinion, but I think we need to think bigger, we need to think in the future. No one would keep hosting a 24/7/365 stream just to have their Subscriber Count displayed in NextCounts or any other live counts website. What if the stream went down? What if you removed the subscriber count from the stream? What if the streamer changed the text displayed to be another number?

Those are a few of the risks we have when getting subscriber counts from a stream, and this is why we have decided to take another step towards full counts.

And this new step is this: We are adding Full Subscriber Counts back to NextCounts, bit by bit, but this will be hard to accomplish.

First of all: this is completely safe, and you don't risk anything by joining the system. At release - and after too - we will answer any questions you might have about the system, so feel free to let us know your thoughts! This update is being made with Content Creators and their fans in mind, because watching someone hit a milestone with abbreviated numbers, and even estimated ones, are just not the same, it isn't as nice as seeing real-time data. Real real-time data.

Ok, how do I contribute?

Well, you can talk to your favourite creators about it and, if they want to add their subcount here, it is very easy to do so - even you can join it! (If you have more than 1k subs, of course)

How do I add my own Subscriber Count to NC?

We created an easy tutorial - with images - showing how you can do that! Just follow along:

Open and click on the "Settings" button.

If your account is a Brand account, we reccomend you pressing "Move Permissions". If you're not a brand account just go to the next slide.

When you get to this screen, click on "Invite".

When you get to this screen, put this e-mail: "" and make sure to select the "Viewer (limited)" option. The normal viewer isn't necessary.

When you do that, click on Save.

When you save, it will verify that it's you, since this is a change made in your Yt Studio. You will need to re-insert your password and, if you have 2FA enabled, put your auto-generated key there. You only do this once.

After this, our bot will receive an invite to join the channel as a viewer with limited options (We can only see your statistics - view and subscriber counts - and not your revenue, so no need to worry about us finding out you make 5k a week). When we accept it, our profile picture is going to show up.

After you do this, in up to 24 hours your full Subscriber Count will be available in the website for everyone to see. Users who have their SubCount available through this method, or the stream method will have a verified checkmark next to their name, so you know the count is Official.

And that's it! That is all you need to do to get your full Subscriber Count displayed onto NextCounts! It doesn't matter if you're a small (below 10k subs) or a big channel (above 100k), you're more than welcome to join the project!

You can see which channels have displayed their subscriber counts on the website through this page, and if you have any questions about how it works, message us on Twitter!